FIWARE IoT Agent for SigFox


This IoT Agent is designed to be a bridge between the Sigfox callbacks protocol and the OMA NGSI protocol used by the Orion Context Broker as well as by other components of the FIWARE ecosystem.

For each device, the Sigfox backend can provide a callback mechanism that can be used to send two kinds of information:

  • Attributes defined by the Sigfox backend itself (including id, timestamp, etc.).
  • A free data format, whose structure can be defined in the device type.

The Agent provides the following features:

  • IoT Agent North Bound functionalities, as defined in the IoT Agent Node.js library.
  • A Sigfox endpoint listening for callbacks from the sigfox backend. Each piece of information coming from the backend is considered as a separate active attribute (as defined in the IoT Agents specification).
  • A Sigfox data parser that can be used to convert from the data format as defined in the callbacks to a JavaScript array.
  • A testing tool to simulate the date coming from the device.

The Github's provides a documentation summary.